Literary Inspiration

Question of the day: Literary  Inspiration

Who are your literary inspirations? Who first inspired you guys to write, who is your current inspiration?

My first inspiration was Stephen King. He was the first adult author I read. He blew mind 10 year old mind. He ability to write with such detail and managed to keep the reader engrossed without being repetitious or boring. He makes you think. All those details, are like playing a game of connect the dots. His uncanny ability to pull at the corners of your mind, playing up all emotions. He left me awe-struck and still does.

My current inspiration is J.K Rowling. To be on the brink of homeless and completely turn your life around the way she did, wow! Talk about guts and ambition. I like that she drew from personal experience and was able to turn it into this magical world of adventure and courage. I also like that she stays humble, never forgetting how she started and always giving back. She truly understands the meanings of chance and hope. After all someone gave her a chance…

Leave me your inspirations in the comments.




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