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BOOK REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I am a Harry Potter fan, so of course I had to get this book, it didn’t matter to me how good or bad it might be.

Let me start by saying, a hard cover book for $21.00 CND, is an absolute steal! And in terms of aesthetic you get your moneys worth with this one. The bindings and paper of a very high quality, don’t have to worry about flimsy paper tears. I adore the book sleeve, the artwork is great. There were also, no print and/or grammar/spelling errors in my copy. That always makes for a more smooth read I think.

I had no expectations of this story because it was script and was heavily marketed as such and it was totally unexpected of JK Rowling and her H.P series. So if you are going to read this with the expectation of traditional Harry Potter, STOP! You will be sorely disappointed.

Now, I know a ton of people who can’t read plays or just hate reading plays. I find it fairly easy to read the majority of plays. Keep in mind that H.P was originally intended for children and baring that in mind the script is simplistically laid out. So, much so, that it’s easy to overlook and treat it as really simple and short chapters in a novel. The almost always single line dialogue makes for a more seamless transition from character to character.

In terms of plot, it is like original H.P: The Next Generation with key characters and relationships being opposite. That might sound not very creative and cliché, but even so it is well crafted enough to feels like something brand new. I wish certain characters like Neville were more incorporated into the story or say Luna being incorporated at all, even just a bit. As they were fan faves and I think played pivotal roles to the main characters development and story. I think they definitely could have been reimagined 20 years later. This story is almost all dialogue and no action/adventure, so I can understand why many, many people are underwhelmed, but being a play I can understand why. I don’t think a lack of action takes away from the story at all.

The concept may have be unimaginative, but it’s still a solid story. And for me at least it invoked nostalgia and gave me a much needed Harry Potter fix. I really don’t understand all the negativity it is receiving, in my eyes it’s a good companion to the original.  As long as people read it with an understanding that it is a play and have an open mind to something new, it is very enjoyable.





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