About Me

LN SMYTH is a combination of my name & family names. I am 29 & reside in Canada. 

I created this blog as my haven, a safe haven, book haven & a writing haven. A creative outlet where I can be myself, doing something I truly enjoy & hope others might enjoy as well. I want to reignite my passion for writing & litature. 

I would love to one day be a professionally published writer. I have had some of my work published before. My first published poem was at the age of 7, in a children’s magazine called Magpie, but I have yet to make a career of it. Hopefully putting my work on a broader platform like this is a step toward that dream.

My life is my inspiration, it’s in everything I write. Maybe some of my followers & readers have already figured this out, I’m a chick in a wheelchair.  I have Cerebral Palsy. So, if you’ve ever read my content & wondered why I tend to write on the darker side, this is the major reason why. I write as a way to let it all out. The good, the bad, the ugly & everything happening in between. I honestly, would recommend everyone keep a journal & write about their feeling or experience it’s a great way to get all the that weight off your shoulders. 

I’m not necessarily looking to inspire people, but if they read something of mine & can relate somehow & gives a cathartic release, well then that is an awesome by product of doing something I am passionate about. I think inspiration is maulti faceted & a 2 way street between author & auidence. My followers & people on this site inspire & motivate me to continue reading, writing & learning about myself, even when I have lost the desire.

Thank you to my followers & eveyone who has read my posts & I hope you continue to enjoy all of it.




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