Crawling, falling, sinking below she goes. Scratching, clawing the surface, a fighter she is. Words unheard in the echos of others. Dodging the shadows of demons she bares. Slipping through cracks unsee. Running through circles of burning bridges. Shaken from the madness of it all. The burns of judgment scar phanton memories. They can’t be forgotten nor will they heal.

Book Review: Message In A BottleĀ 

I finshed reading Message In A Bottle last night.

I know a lot of people have a strong dislike of Nicholas Sparks and find his novels to be  redundant and cheezy.

But be dammed if all of his books don’t make me feel and yearn. It doesn’t matter if I  can relate to the story or not. And no matter how “fluffy” the story and characters, I truly believe his novels carry positve messages of over coming adversity, personal discovery and growth, which I think we all face and should strive for.

I think if you can read one of his books and by the end and not be rooting for the characters or feel inspired to take a chance on something you’ve always wanted to do, then you are missing the point of view the story.

Sometimes fluff and cheez is good for a person.